Through these articles you shall be able to learn how to assemble your Ilios HD Kit that you purchased through the Shop. Based on your selected options, the assembly may vary but the main sections should remain the same. Please note that some parts of the assembly may already come partially assembled for you but you must still go through the instructions, described here, to check if everything is in place and if anything else needs to be added. If you have further questions, post them in the Forum, where you shall get help as soon as possible by the creator of the machine or by others who already have gone through these instructions.

1 - Feet Assembly

We begin our assembly with the feet of the machine. Although it isn't the most complicated part of the entire assembly, it is an important one and must be done right, so that the rest of the machine has good foundation to stand on. The images in these descriptions provide a good source for parts that are found inside your package. All sections of each assembly are bundled together and should be found easily. If in doubt, use the Forum to ask your questions or make notes about these instructions, so that others find it modified as per your suggestions.


2 - Top Frame Assembly

This assembly, although only consists of 4 parts, is vitally important for the rest of the machine, since everything else is attached to this part of the build and it is important to note the correct orientation and hole positioning when assembling. Any mistake here can lead to time consuming efforts in disassembling the machine and doing it all over again. All tools that you shall need for this part of the build are already provided, so there should be no problem in putting this part together, with the help from these instructions.


3 - VAT Assembly

Before we continue with the rest of the machine assembly, we need to assemble the VAT. Since this is an intermediate assembly and shall fit separately on the machine, we have to do this now and get it out of the way before continuing with more exciting stuff. Note that the VAT may come already assembled in the box. If this is the case, it is still recommended to go through these steps, since the VAT may be only partially assembled and may still need few parts to be complete. Make sure to always handle this portion of the assembly with care since it involves glass.


4 - Motion Assembly

The heart of the Ilios HD Kit is its motion. It is highly accurate and very reliable. Although the parts used in the Kit are tough and rigid, it is important to assemble them correctly to achieve the best possible result. Some of the more complex parts may already be assembled in your kit, however it is advised to go through the entire assembly process and check everything twice or even three times befor e going further. If you have questions about this part of the assembly then don't hesitate to ask for help through the Forum or by contacting us directly.


5 - Lift Assembly

The Lift is what shall be holding the model while it is being built. This assembly is attached to the Motion Assembly, described in the previous instructions. You shall have few options when completing this assembly so read the instructions carefully to find out what these options are. This part of the Kit includes the Black 5mm Glass that is used to secure the model and all the remaining nuts and bolts along with the parts for the installation. If you find into any sort of problems or have questions about this assembly, don't hesitate to ask through the Forum or by contacting us.


6 - Projector Mount 1 Assembly

In this part of our assembly we shall be putting together the mount on which your projector shall be placed. Based on what mount you ordered you shall be able to mount large or small projectors within the machine and with the help from the included universal brackets, mount most brands to the machine. Please go through these instructions carefully, following each step as described, since these steps were taken while assembling the Demo Ilios machine. Note that the assembly instructions may vary based on the options you chose in the OSRC Shop.


7 - Projector Mount 2 Assembly

These instructions shall guide you through the process of assembling the larger of the two projector mounts. This mount is mostly suited for larger projectors which need the additional space that might become larger than the overall size of the Ilios HD Kit. Please go through these instructions carefully, following each step as described, since these steps were taken while assembling the Demo Ilios machine. Note that the assembly instructions may vary based on the options you chose in the OSRC Shop.


7.5 - X-Y Laser Assembly

Those who purchased the Laser option for the Ilios kit should follow these instructions in order to properly assemble and align it. The documentation goes through all the relative components as well as the laser it self and explains how to correctly put the parts together. Having already assembled the rest of the kit, these instructions shouldn't be so hard for you since the process is pretty much identical and by understanding how things go together is all that is required as far as complexity goes.


8 - Universal Mount Fitting

In the Mechanics Only or Complete Ilios HD Kit you shall find, besides the projector mounts that are fitted on the machine, a universal projection mount. This mount can fit to most known projectors and mounting holes are already drilled for it on both projection mounts (Mount1 & Mount2). Read through this instructions to find out how you can fit your own projector to this mount or learn how known projectors are fitted by those who use the Ilios Kit and already tried and tested this method. The explained method was demonstrated on the Dell 2400MP projector.


9 - Electronics Assembly v1.0 - Depreciated

If you acquired the Complete Ilios HD Kit, which includes all electronic components for a functional Ilios HD Kit, then these instructions should help you put them together and connect everything properly. Note that although these instructions are specific to the Ilios HD Kit, if you have the Mechanics Only kit and want to use your own electronics, the guidelines in these instructions should help you. Note some additional assembly steps which are needed, before assembling the electronics. Specific assemblies to note are Motion Assembly and Feet Assembly.


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