9.2 - New Electronics Assembly


Electronics are an important part of the overall result you are trying to achieve. The included electronics in the Complete Ilios HD Kit were selected as a good combination for those who want to take advantage of the highly accurate motion the machine provides. Please follow these instructions carefully and you should have Ilios up and running in no time. Additionally, please go through the Motion Assembly and Feet Assembly instructions one more time, since the instructions in this article shall be referencing steps, done in those assemblies.

Important: Before installing the electronics on the Ilios 3D Printer, please connect everything and test the electronics. It shall be difficult to remove components and debug a problem if the electronics have an issue, especially if you are assembling a machine like this for the first time.

 Control Board Mounting  

To mount the Control Unit which communicates with a PC or the UI unit the mounting brackets are already supplied. As with all other brackets used for mounting accessories on Ilios HD Kits, the mounts use the slots within the aluminium extrusions to secure anything that may be useful for using the Ilios 3D Printer. With the control unit you shall find 4 brackets to mount the unit to the extrusion sides as well as 4 brackets to optionally mount the unit on a flat surface if you wish to make your own mounting surfaces..

The brackets attach to the enclosure through a series of openings and no additional installation is required as the parts are press fit to each other. To mount the bracket it self to the extrusion, the concept of spreading the plastic is used where after pressing the bracket in the opening of the extrusion you simply screw the bolt all the way to fasten the connection. No additional action is required and the fitting should be more than sufficient to hold the unit as well as any pressure it may accept from the cabling installed later.

 Power Supply Mounting  
Mounting the power supply to the frame of the Ilios Kit is identical to the mount of the Control unit. The only difference in the mounting procedure is that the brackets are bolted to the enclosure of the power supply unlike the control unit where the connection was press fit.  The Power supply can be mounted in any orientation based on your assembly so openings and mount locations are available on each corner of the enclosure. Since you may choose to install the Power supply in a different location, you can rotate the unit in any orientation as long as you note the cable direction and always having in mind that you shall also need additional space for the Power Cable coming from the wall socket.
 All brackets mount in the same way where the part must be press fit into the groove of the extrusion and then tightened with the supplied screw to spread the legs within the metal slot.  The availability of brackets and free orientation of each unit within the Ilios Electronics gives the user the ability to mount the supplied hardware in any orientation and direction to suit your needs.
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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