7 - Projector Mount 2 Assembly


For those who ordered the Projector Mount v2, these guidelines shall explain how to assemble it and prepare it for your projector. Besides the function of the actual projector mount, the assembly also adds additional stability and structure to the entire lower section of the machine. All components that you need for this part of the assembly are included in the kit, so go through these instructions carefully and note the correct orientation of parts and assembly procedures.

Step 1  

1 x Projector Support Front

1 x Projector Support Back

2 x Projector Support

1 x Universal Projection Mount

4 x Side Mount Extensions

1 x Nuts & Bolts Bag

Please make sure you have all components as shown on the image above, before you proceed with this assembly. It is important that all parts are close by and available once you begin putting everything together.  
Step 2  
Locate the Front and Back Support pieces and mount to them the Side Mount extensions as shown with the supplied bolts and washers. This is how both sides of the assembly should look like when all side mounts have been firmly attached.
 Step 3
Step 4
Locate the two Projector Supports and note how they are fitted when the assembly is complete. Please note that the image above demonstrates how the assembly should look on the machine. Before attaching these two connecting supports, mount the Front and Back parts of the assembly onto the machine with the help from the Corner Brackets, found in the Nuts and Bolts bag. Consult the Projector Mount 1 Assembly instructions for information on how to use these brackets. Before we can attach the two projector supports, we need to find the sub-assemblies shown on the image above. Although the Front and Back Projector supports have holes to bolt each support on, we shall not use them unless you find that your projector needs to sit directly in the center of the mount.
Mount the sub-assembly as shown to secure each projector mount to the frame. This way you shall have the ability to loosen each mount and move it back or forth to adjust the projector as needed.

Congratulations! You have successfully assembled Ilios. It was a bit tough i know, but definitely worth it. Make sure to post images of your build in the Forum and discuss any questions you may have with other Ilios owners there. As always, if you have any questions, you can also contact us directly.

Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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