1 - Feet Assembly


Once you unpack everything, make sure the items described below are already in front of you and ready to be assembled. These are also the items shown in the image below. The images in these descriptions provide a good source for parts that are found inside your package. All sections of each assembly are bundled together and should be found easily. If in doubt, use the Forum to ask your questions or make notes about these instructions, so that others find it modified as per your suggestions.

Step 1  

2 x Leg Support

1 x Back Right Leg

1 x Back Left Leg

1 x Front Right Leg

1 x Front Left Leg

1 x Plastic Pedestal Bag (4 Pedestals)

1 x Nuts and Bolts Bag

Set of Metric Allen Keys

 Make sure you have the items, shown in the above image. It is important to note the labels on each bag and part if you get lost within the parts inside the box. Clean your work area and prepare everything as shown.  
Step 2  
Find the 10mm bolts inside the bag (they are all the same size) and thread them through the large holes which go through each leg. The legs we are connecting with a leg support are the Front Left and Back Left. Make sure that the bolt head goes all the way to the bottom and has a nice and firm foothold. Prepare your Allen key with the bolt to screw the leg supports to each side. Note that the dimensions are quite tight and the bolt may resist a bit until it goes into place. At first you can have the key as shown in the image, when the bolt is going to be tighten, you can use the other side of the key for more leverage.
Step 3  
Align the Leg and Leg Support and screw on the bolt. Aluminium has a wonderful property to friction stick to each other, so you don't need too much torque to make then stay together, just enough so that they don't twist. Remember that there shall be additional support later on so they won't twist anyway. Once finished, it should look like on the picture above. Note the slight spacing of the leg and the support. This is normal, since it was designed to also host the plastic cover if you choose it later on. For the time being just know that this is normal and you shall be seeing more of it in the rest of the assembly. Don't worry, it shall look great when finished :)
Step 4  
Take the Back leg now and attach it the same way. Although all four legs are the same length, it is nice to have some consistency, since later on it can get complicated and distinguishing front from back, left from right will be much easier. The finished assembly should look like on the picture above. Make sure everything is nice and tight and the legs are as parallel to each other and the support as possible. This shall also be corrected in the future with the rest of the assembly.
Step 5  
No better time to add the pedestals than now. The machine shall become heavier as you build upon it and this installation could become difficult in the future. In the bag you shall find 4 pedestals. If the bolts on each one (for alignment) aren't screwed down to the end, do it now. You shall be able to adjust them later. Screw on each pedestal to the end. There should remain some distance from the bolt on each pedestal, this is normal. Don't tighten them so hard that you can't unscrew them later, since this is one of the ways you shall be leveling the machine later on.
Step 6  
Assemble the other two feet the same way. Remember, we are assembling Front Leg and Back leg, NOT Front Right and Front Left. There should be a gap on the front and back sides of the machine for the later assembly of the projector mounts, which shall also increase stability. Once both foot assemblies are complete, there is one step remaining. We must add two Oval Sliding nuts to the Back Left leg slots for later installation of the electronics box. You naturally can skip this step and install the box elsewhere, if you have your own electronics and you didn't get the complete kit.
Insert the two sliding nuts into the Inner part of the leg, the slot that is mating with the leg support. At this point the assembly of the feet is complete. Take a step back and recheck your assembly and make sure the bolts that are connecting each leg are tight and secure.
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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