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A very affordable entry level SLA 3D printer which despite its small size and low price will give you great results using most available SLA materials.

Price: 250,00 €

SKU: GFY-G-3DP-00002N
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Due to the unique nature of the Nano SLA 3D printer, although affordable it does require some exotic materials, which are currently in a limited quantity. For this reason the quantity of printers which we can produce is also currently limited as it uses a new way of printing SLA models. The lead time for each order is for the time being 20 working days.

The Ilios Nano SLA 3D Printer was designed as an Entry Level SLA 3D solution, which is reflected in its specifications. There are several aspects of its design which make it so affordable and yet it can produce results very close to much more expensive competition due to its unique and very innovative way of processing light. Almost all of the 3D printer was ... 3D printed on its own which lowers costs dramatically. Due to the size of the build area however and the overall size of the 3D printer, things such as Flex, Backlash and accuracy are still within very reasonable margins which allow the use of smaller components and cheaper costs of production. Additionally you do NOT require to purchase a Projector, LCD, Laser or any other hardware to begin printing. The price and the printer itself is all what is needed to begin making SLA models.

The heart of the Ilios Nano SLA 3D printer however is what takes up the bulk of its affordability since for the first time we are able NOT to use projectors, LCD monitors, Lasers or any other expensive technique. The printer still uses a 405nm UV light source, which however is much weaker and safer for educational use as there are no lenses to go through, no mirrors to bounce off and no filters to overcome. The technique of generating each SLA layer was developed in our workshop specifically to accommodate a much more affordable package and uses only a controlled heat environment which however once again is much safer than FDM products.

The technology however, no matter how affordable is still complex as for the first time very specific materials were developed and used which allow the printer to generate a layer with characteristics similar to a DLP projector. Feel free to read in more detail about the Thermal Masking Technology we developed in our Documentation section.

Due to the affordable nature of the 3D printer, a very simple electronic setup is used which is controlled through a USB cable and the prints are done with the help of a computer. The Printer works just like a normal printer and layers are sent as images to it while working.

Although affordable, we still are using features such as protection on the removable VAT just like on Ilios Photon 2, the VAT surface uses the same detachment surface as on Ilios Photon 2 which does not require PDMS nor frequent replacement and the VAT is removable to be cleaned or exchanged with different resins. The VAT surface is made out of Glass and the Lift surface uses the same 5mm thick Dur-Aluminium  for best contact and adhesion results. The printer is fully enclosed and has Semi-Transparent windows to view your print while it is being made.

The size of the 3D printer is no larger than a small Coffee Maker which makes it very portable and uses a single USB cable as well as an external power adapter to operate.

Safe for Educational Use

As the printer uses a Very weak UV light source and the printer it self is durable as well as enclosed, it is ideal for educational or experimental purposes since very little can break on it and all parts are easily replaced under a very low budget.


  • Ilios Nano 3D Printer - Assembled
  • VAT Surface Protection Sensors
  • Fully Enclosed Design
  • All Electronics and hardware already installed
  • Ilios 3D Suite compatible
  • A Computer is required for printing
  • 90% 3D Printed Construction
  • Removable VAT
  • Dual Lift Spindles
  • Build size: 60mm x 80mm x 120mm
  • Build speed: 4 - 10 seconds per layer (depending on material)
  • Minimum Layer (TRUE) Thickness of 50 microns
  • Mechanical Backlash of +/-12 microns (0.012mm)
  • Service Free VAT System
  • 3D Printer Dimensions: 170mm (H) x 170mm (W) x 267mm (L)
  • 3D Printer Weight: ~1.6kg
  • Power Supply: 110-230vAC 240W, Output 12vDC/5A

The plastic parts on this as well as all other Ilios 3D printers are made from recycled materials. Plastics are used from water bottles, bottle caps, plastic jugs and recycled 3D printer parts. Coloring is added and some additional mixtures to regain the structure of the plastic and then parts are reprinted, helping the environment. The recycling is done directly in the Ilios workshop. You can read more about the process through our Facebook page, within the time line history.

Additional Information

If you have any questions about the product, please visit the Forum and ask away. Someone shall help out as soon as possible. If all else fails, you can always Contact Us. You can also visit the FaceBook page for additional media.

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