Printed on Photon 2What better way to present the capabilities of a 3D printer than to print a beautiful 3D Composition. The Clementine design by Gokcen Yuksek was taken from Pinshape and printed on our very capable Ilios Photon 2. Clementine is an award winning model created by a very imaginative designer and it is something we simply had to print on Photon 2 to test its capabilities as well as get a chance to experiment with different resins and resolutions.

The composition was printed in groups and in total 18 models were printed. Multiple resolutions were used while exporting the files to Photon 2, starting from 12 microns on the smaller parts and ending with 50 microns per layer for the larger components. In total the printer logged 16 hours of print time for the entire composition without leaving even the slightest residue on the VAT surface. In general after all the posted 3D Prints on our Facebook site, the Photon 2 VAT is still like new and its surface nice and clear.

The Model was mirrored in Ilios 3D Suite just for the heck of it while experimenting with projection parameters within the Web interface of the Ilios Web Interface. All supports and platforms for the model were generated within Ilios 3D Suite, exported and sent to Photon 2 while it was printing over the network. This was a great opportunity to test out the remote control functions of the printer as the status of the machine was constantly checked on Android through our Android App. The fact that you can control Photon 2 as well as other Ilios 3D printers through the network was very useful while browsing through different models as they begun to stack up on the internal memory of the 3D printer.

Each part of the model was adhered to the rest with the same resin it was printed with. Final adhesion was done with a 405nm UV Laser as the parts adhered to each other instantly after a shine with UV. some supports were tricky to remove as many features of the model were complex and required placing supports in tight places.

The material used for this print was a Special mix from Spot-A Materials which i also mixed with some Spot-GP and added some pigmentation to compensate. The models turned out great however, showing off the "Wax" like effect and letting light refract within the model.

Even though you could print most of the parts with a single file, it was more reasonable to spread the models a bit over several groups just in case the exposure was wrong. Plenty of space was left so the resin can flow through the model and leave while the lift is lowered to those 12 - 50 micron heights. Viscosity is very important in these situations since if it is too high, the resin tends not to leave completely from each layer, resulting in thicker prints.

Overall the model turned out great with lots of details to show and was fun to print as it touched many different aspects of the printing process. It also helped improve some settings on the Photon 2 and speed up the print even more. Full credit goes to Gokcen Yuksek for the design. You can find more work from the same designer through Pinshape. As always feel free to check out Ilios Photon 2 in our shop and ask any questions or thoughts in our Forum. You can find more images of the Clementine print process as well as prints of other models on our Facebook page.

Created on Sunday, 19 March 2017 10:38
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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