8 - Universal Mount Fitting


Besides the hardware that is shown in the documentation below, there are additional mounts, bolts and accessories in the Universal Projector mount bag. With these accessories and the already shown method below, you can fit almost any know projector to the Ilios machine. The projector can be as small as the Dell 2400MP or as big as Optoma HD803, the mount has expandable mounting points and its assembly is quite simple.

Type 1

You may find one of the several mounts, which were chosen for each projector. This explanations shows how to fit a projector with the first mount type. If you found a different type of mount in your kit, please continue reading this description.

In this image you can see the overall fitting of the mount to the particular projector. Note that on some projectors you might need 4 points to mount it. The 4th arm is also included in the mount bag. There might be a 3mm or 4mm screw required to actually bolt the projector to the mount. Both diameters are already included for you, with the additional shims and washers.
Note how this particular projector is mounted. In some cases the projection mount might be attached on the back side of the Projection assembly, in other cases it is in the front like in this image. Although the Universal mount comes with both mounting brackets to be bolted to itself, the longer bolts for the Projection mount are included in the assembly.
Note the angle of the projector. This is normal. Most projectors tend to skew the image based on their lens assembly. You shall most likely need to tilt the projector this way to get a straight and square image. The exact angle is also described in each projector documentation but as a rule of thumb, this angle is in most cases around 6 degrees. In this image you can see the overall projector assembly and how it is put together by default. With some creativity you can adjust the mount to fit any projector, since all the mounting hardware is already included.
Here is another example of mounting a BenQ 1070 or 1080 with the same projector mount. Note the way the arms are assembled behind the projector support. In this image you can see better the additional washers which go between the mount and the support. When this is all in place, the assembly is quite rigid and won't budge.

Type 2

This mount is commonly placed with the Dell 2400MP projector or similar and uses less components to mount to the frame. Follow the images below to find out how to mount the projector with this mount or use your own creativity to make up new ways of mounting it.

Note the Single Mount Arm and the screw positions. The bottom two screws should go through the pre-drilled holes on the mount. Don't forget to run through the two Allen Bolts on the back of the mount before screwing the mount to the projector. The Bolts should also have a Washer on them. This image shows how the mount is bolted to the frame and how the assembly should look like. Bolt the mount with the included nuts and lock washers on the other side of the Projector Mount.
There might be two different locations where you can screw the mount. It is recommended to bolt the mount on the Lower holes. However you may want to do it your way, in which case any hole would do.  Note the slight angle of the projector. This is normal. It compensates for the lens distortion of the projector and should be adjusted later on, when the projector calibration is made.
Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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# fdtank81 » 2013-05-24 13:25

Also, it seems the projector is not centred on the Vat at all, that is it's centre front to back but not left to right given the mounting plate is actually in the centre, off-settingthe projector to the right. Is this meant to be?in order to install two projectors maybe?


# fdtank81 » 2013-05-24 13:51

Got it, so I don't use the bolt holes on the support, but the angle brackets, the whole support assembly is not easy to get in and out of there :sigh:


# OSFlyerWiz » 2013-05-24 14:40

The initial idea was to mount the projector once and never touch it again. I do have some ideas to make this part better in the future. Am waiting for some upgrades to test out.


# OSFlyerWiz » 2013-05-24 13:30

The Projector Mount Assembly instructions, at the very end describe how to set up the projector to be adjustable. Read the description there to find out why it is done like that. The Projector mount it self (the one that holds the projector) is off center to align the lens to the VAT. For the 2400MP it is approximately 7cm from center.


# fdtank81 » 2013-05-23 20:02

I've got mine installed exactly as int he pictures but the bolts just turn when I tighten the nuts, I was sort of expecting that but thought maybe the lockwashers would help, they just bite the nut into the support.How did you sighten it on?


# OSFlyerWiz » 2013-05-24 10:37

there are washers for each end of the mount. Insert them as shown on the picture and the bolt should bite just fine. These pictures were taken while assembling your mount Francis, so obviously they should fit :)

When aligning the projector, make sure that the actual Lens is level, the rest doesn't matter.


# mojo-jojo » 2013-05-22 11:25

Ahhh. What will section 7 contain and when will it be published? I'm having trouble reading between the line here, but can you explain why section 7 hasn't been published yet? :sigh:


# OSFlyerWiz » 2013-05-22 11:32

Section 7 is the Projector Mount V2 assembly. those who acquired it, haven't received it yet so i am in no hurry to publish it. should be available soon though.


# mojo-jojo » 2013-05-21 20:51

Also, Section 7 seems to be missing.


# OSFlyerWiz » 2013-05-21 20:55

It is not missing. It simply hasn't been published yet :)


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