6 - Projector Mount 1 Assembly


The final section we need to assemble, is the projector mount. Besides the function of the actual projector mount, it also adds additional stability and structure to the entire lower section of the machine. All components that you need for this part of the assembly are included in the kit, so go through these instructions carefully and note the correct orientation of parts and assembly procedures.

Step 1  

1 x Projector Support Front

1 x Projector Support Back

1 x Projector Support

1 x Universal Projection Mount

1 x Nuts & Bolts Bag

Please make sure you have all components as shown on the image above, before you proceed with this assembly. It is important that all parts are close by and available once you begin putting everything together.  
 Step 2  
 Locate the Front and Back supports but don't screw them together yet.  This demonstration shows how the mount should be fastened after it is in the machine. This image is purely for reference.
   Step 3
 The above image demonstrates how the final mount should look like. Please note that the mount should NOT be assembled yet. Follow next steps to find out how to proceed. Locate the Corner brackets and the Longer and Shorter 6mm headless bolts. Note that each bracket has ONE Short and ONE long bolt. 
   Step 4
 Slide the brackets into the slots on the feet of the machine. Note that the SHORTER bolt should be facing the slot and the LONGER bolt should be outside. This image demonstrates how the Projector support should fit into the brackets. Note the orientation of the bracket since you shall be sliding the support into the slots.
 Step 5  
Begin sliding the support into the slots. Make sure that the LONGER bolt of the bracket is going inside the support since this is the one that shall be holding the support in place.  Level the support and tighten the bracket bolts. You may need to pull or push the fee together or apart to make this fit but once done, everything should be nice and level.
   Step 6
 This is how the Projector Support should look like when complete. Note that you need to go through the same process on the other side of the machine as well.  Once both sides are in place, you can bolt on the Projector support cross section. Bolt it tight so that everything is properly aligned. Note that the same support has additional brackets which enable you to slide this cross section and not use the bolts as shown in this picture.
Step 7  

Inside the Projection mount assembly you should find two sub assemblies as shown on the image above. These components allow you to move the projection support back and forth on the Y axis for a better alignment of the projection surface.

NOTE: Please note that the bolt holes and the 4 bolts for mounting the Projector Support are provided in case you need to mount 2 projectors and the holes are centered to help you center your mount.

This image demonstrates how the 2 sub assemblies should be fitted. Releasing the left side shall give you the advantage of moving the projector up and down as needed to align it with the VAT, since most projectors tend to offset the image and not project it directly in front of the lens.
 Step 8
 This image demonstrates one option of mounting the Universal projector mount. Since most projectors have 3 or 4 mounting points, the mount it self can be extended or shortened accordingly.

This image demonstrates the assembly of the Universal Projector mount. If you are inventive enough, you may find other ways of mounting your projector besides what is mentioned in these instructions.

For more information on the recommended fitting of the projector mount, please consult the Projector Mount Fitting tutorial.

Congratulations! You have successfully assembled Ilios. It was a bit tough i know, but definitely worth it. Make sure to post images of your build in the Forum and discuss any questions you may have with other Ilios owners there. As always, if you have any questions, you can also contact us directly.

Written by Demetris Zavorotnitsienko

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# fdtank81 » 2013-05-23 20:05

I actually had to remove the feet and insert the support assembly from below with the angle brackets installed in the suppor tto get this on. Now I'm wondering how hi it should be located, I would guess as hi as possible in order to get a good resolution, but I'm not sure what size the picture is given I haven't plugged it in yet. It seems to me the finished product is highly dependant on the projector being perfectly aligned with the VAT, and the projector in the complete kit doesn't seem to be mounted as solidly as the rest of the machine.


# OSFlyerWiz » 2013-05-24 10:34

The projector height from the VAT depends on how close you can focus the image. The Mount Type 2 which was sent to you should of been very secure on the machine. There should be no reason to worry since the Dell 2400MP is a small and light projector. I have mine which is Optoma HD803 secured with the same mount and as you can see from the results, they are just fine.


# mojo-jojo » 2013-05-21 20:49

Are there any special requirements to properly align projector to achieve proper scale?


# OSFlyerWiz » 2013-05-21 20:52

No special requirements. You adjust the projector to fit as much of the build area as you can. After that you measure the area and adjust the 3D model accordingly.


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