• Ilios 3D Suite

    Use Ilios 3D printers with ease

    Ilios 3D Suite is a computer controlled software which was developed specifically for simple and quick preparation of a 3D model as well as its direct printing on Ilios 3D printers. Currently the Ilios 3D suite is supported on the newer Ilios Electronics with the Ilios Control board for direct printing from a computer through a USB cable.

  • Ilios Mobile

    Control Ilios from your Android device

    Control your Ilios 3D Printer from your Android mobile device. Browse through available models, check the print status or simply control the printer as you need remotely without using the Web or Touchscreen interfaces. Feel free to get it through Google Play

  • UI Firmware

    Update your firmware offline

    In case you don't have an internet connection near your Ilios 3D printer then you can update its firmware offline through a USB storage device.

  • UI Flash Image

    Set a starting point for new updates

    If you need a fresh start while using Ilios UI and want to re-flash the image, download the latest image build and continue from there. This image starts from the firmware version 1.27.723 - Stable

  • Control Board

    Update your Control Board firmware

    Update your Control board to the latest firmware manually if you don't have a UI Module. Also use the same file to update your printer through the UI module with a USB storage device.


All software related to Ilios products can be found in this category of the website. Make sure to check out the description for each product if in doubt and as always if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us or consult the Forum for additional information.

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